postheadericon Want to improve engagement with customers? Try these 4 test ways.

You can be out of market very soon if you find it hard to engage with customers. And that’s the last thing you would expect from your business right?

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Here are five sure shot ways to engage with customers in a better way:

Blog a lot

Writing a blog is like trying to help your target audience in the best possible way.  The more you write thinking about your target audience, the more your customers will engage with you. Make sure to

  • write as relevant as possible
  • Write like you really want to help your customers
  • Reply their comments and build relationships

Social Login for Win Win

There are many customers who just hate filling up those long registration forms. Abandoning the signup page is mainly due to the reason that they just don’t want to fill sign up forms! Why not give them a one click signup solution? Yes, that’s possible. Using social login you can allow your users to signup on your website using their existing social network accounts like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. This easy to signup process increases signup rate to a great extent. Apart from this, social login also helps businesses owners and marketers to get useful insights about the users as when a user registers using his social networking site, we get the useful user profile data which helps us understanding the user in a much better way.

Shoot Emails!

No No, I am not talking about SPAM emails! This is about sending newsletters to your readers. Email Subscription is a great way to be in touch with readers. Aweber and mailchimp provide great mail sub option at cheap. Mailers are easy to configure and once it’s done, all you need to do is set it up first time and it works like charm on auto. Just try it up, mailchimp is free for first 1000 Subscribers!

Be a part of community!

If you are a digital marketer like me, you must be acquainted of warrior forum or BHW, right? Similarly, there are several communities for every businesses online or offline. Just be a part of them. It helps a lot to learn new things, making new connections and of course, being in touch with customers!

postheadericon Best Seller Gujarati Books

Books are asset of information. Books are our closest companions. In available time when nobody with us around then Books are turned into our companion. It is an incredible wellspring of happiness and the best method for use time. Each book that a man peruses leaves a profound impact on him. Books will never cheat us. Books give data about everything. Presently a day the majority of the youngsters are sitting before TV. Each project is not all that great. So kids seek after unfortunate propensity by viewing T.V. Youngsters watch these low quality serials, films – with abundance of activity, motion pictures which demonstrate viciousness. To prevent this movement a kid getting dependent on TV-instills the propensity for perusing. Give them affableness books. So they can appreciate and get some learning with it. There are such a variety of good writer books are accessible in the business sector.

Perusing additionally keeps your cerebrum sound. A man needs a decent companion. A book is as like as companion. Book perusing is great time go in the voyaging. He never feels exhausted. He feels glad in the perusing. Perusing gives the sort of delight. A few books we read straightforward for delight and diversion for instance, great books and books of creative ability must have their place in each body’s perusing.

For the most part we read this sort of books for the information and refreshment:


Short Stories,

Dramatization, Essay – Article,



Life story,







General Knowledge,

English Education,


Sex Education,

Gujarati Education,

Female Related,


Kid Care.

There are few writers whose books are exceptionally famous and hit now a days.

Kaajal Oza Vaidya: Kaajal Oza Vaidya is another age author. She is exceptionally popular in all age gathering of perusers. There are 25 books of Kaajal Oza Vaidy’s has been discharged. She has composed 23 Novels (Navalkatha), Lekhsangrah, Navlika, Letters, Poems.Some are extremely celebrated like Krishnayan, Vahli Astha, Ekbijane Gamta Rahie, Maunraag, Tara Chaherani Lagolag and Yog Viyog.

Tarak Mehta: Tarak Mehta is exceptionally well known writer now a days.Still he is an age of 80 yet his composition is similar to 20’s. His Tarak Mehta Na Undha Chashma is extremely famous book.Serial Tarak Mehata ka Ulta Chashma is broadcast on SAB TV which is brimming with humor.This All will be untouched hits of Tarak Mehta, Bagicha Ni Halvi Hawa Ma, Action Replay Part 1&2, Jethalal No Jekpot, Tarak Mehta No Tapudo, Tarak Mehtana Undha Chashma and some more…

Zavechand Meghani: Zavechand Meghani was an extremely wellknown author.He composed more than 100 of diverse sorts of books,19 biography,4 show books,14 Novels,9 Poetry,10 Short Stories,11 Folk Songs,13 Falk Tals,13 Others.His Saurashtrani Rasdhar is great book.

Gunvant Shah: Gunvant Shah Born in Rander (Surat) on March 12, 1937; was instructed in Surat and Baroda.He was Worked as Lecturer and Reader in the M. S. College of Baroda, Visiting Professor to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (U.S.A.) HeWrites expressive papers, verse, books in Gujarati. Distributed numerous books scholarly and educational.His renowned books are Tahuko, Ghandhi Na Chashma, Krishna Mari Drashtie and so on…

postheadericon Unequal Education

When I first read the title of the book, Pedagogy of Freedom: Ethics, Democracy, and Civic Courage, I thought of an equal education system where lessons are taught, and not just dictated. A world where textbooks are no longer our only respected source of information and talking is no longer our only form of communication. I thought of a society where citizens do not just exist, but actually live. We get involved and intervene because we believe change is possible. Paulo Freire goes above and beyond to open our eyes, minds, and hearts, urging us to get involved, and paving the way for us to do so.

In the introduction, Freire discusses the aspects of “Alternative High.” He states, “Possessing a modest degree of autonomy, teachers use such materials as newspapers, magazines, and books rather than texts drawn from the board-prescribed reading lists” (Freire, 2001, p. 3). I believe textbooks should be used to an extent to gain important knowledge. I don’t believe they can teach us about society and the world we live in. Involving outside sources as these teachers do will open the children’s eyes to what is really going on in the world today. Not what happened in 1914 during World War I, or how Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1942. Yes, these pieces of history are important, and very interesting to learn about. However, it will not teach our students how to exist and survive under government. Freire also states in the introduction how society has lost its tolerance for even kid pleasures, subordinating themselves to business by imaging schools in the modalities of the factory or the large corporate office (Freire, 2001, p. 6). The government sets these rules and regulations in order to try to discretely prepare individuals to live in the working class. They try to condition us to become a follower rather than a leader, and eventually become a robot to society.

In Chapter 1 of Pedagogy of Freedom: Ethics, Democracy, and Civic Courage, Freire begins to discuss the ethical responsibility held by teachers and those preparing to become teachers. “We should devote ourselves humbly but preservingly to our profession in all its aspects: scientific formation, ethical rectitude, respect for others, coherence, a capacity to live with and learn from what is different, and an ability to relate to others without letting our ill-humor or our antipathy get in the way of our balanced judgment of the facts” (Freire, 2001, p. 24). I could not agree more with this quote from Freire. I believe that many teachers lose sight of their ethical responsibility because they become absorbed by the curriculum which they are told to abide by. Nevertheless, teachers are not the only ones who possess this ethical responsibility. I believe we as students should also acquire these same principles. Just because we are not teachers does not mean we cannot take part in contributing to an improved government and educational system. We need to be involved and engage in our own learning.

In Chapter 2 of Pedagogy of Freedom: Ethics, Democracy, and Civic Courage, Freire continues to emphasize on teacher preparation and the process of learning. According to Freire (2001), “to teach is not to transfer knowledge but to create the possibilities for the production or construction of knowledge” (p. 30). I feel like this means that as a teacher, you cannot simply state facts,or place a textbook in front of students to read and consider that to be learning. Students have to retrieve the information, process it, and find a way to relate it to their own lives to retain it. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to help pave that path for them and see them through the process until the very end. Nonetheless, as the saying goes, it takes two to tango.Just like the name of this chapter, there is no teaching without learning. Students have to be open and willing to consume the information and receptive to possibilities.

After reading chapter 3 of Pedagogy of Freedom: Ethics, Democracy, and Civic Courage, I started to question my position in the world. Am I one of those people like in the movie “The Matrix?” Am I a subject of history or an object of history? I can imagine I am not the only one who has asked themselves these questions. Especially if you have read any of Freires writings. After contemplating these thoughts, I went on to think about how I could intervene in what happens in the world. Freire stated, “My role in the world is not simply that of someone who registers what occurs but of someone who has an input into what happens. I am equally subject and object in the historical process” (Freire, 2001, p. 73). I tied this back to chapter two when Freire used the practice of cooking as an example of educational practice. “Cooking presupposes certain kinds of knowledge regarding the use of the cooking stove. How to light it. How to turn the heat up and down. How to deal with the possibility of fire. How to balance the ingredients in a harmonious and pleasing synthesis. With practice newcomers to the kitchen will confirm some of the things they already know, correct others that they do not know so well, and gradually open up the way to become cooks” (Freire, 2001, p. 29). This is exactly how we should interpret our government and education system. We should manipulate our findings to make them work for us. We need to use what we already know, correct what we weren’t sure of, and open up the way to change.

postheadericon 8 Teaching Benefits of Audio Books

There’s no denying the way that the vast majority despised perusing as children. Just a couple children appreciate perusing, particularly if there is an option.

Book recordings have now made it workable for kids to show signs of improvement access to materials that they don’t care for perusing.

Obviously they must at present read, yet perusing any material and as yet listening to it makes the perusing a great deal all the more fascinating.

Numerous schools have now taken book recordings to the homes of their understudies as well as in the classrooms.

Specialists in the instructive segment have concurred that book recordings in the classrooms go far to offer understudies more than typical some assistance with booking, particularly those understudies who are simply starting to peruse or the individuals who experience issues in perusing.

The following are 10 particular advantages of utilizing book recordings for understudies:

1. Utilizing book recordings to show kids in school gives them “assortment”. Rather than simply listening to their educator, they profit by the change that accompanies “another” instructor.

2. There are particular book recordings arranged in light of youngsters that are educative as well as extremely engrossing. These sorts of book recordings make adapting considerably more fun than ordinary instructing.

3. Utilizing book recordings to show kids in school will give the educators more opportunity to get ready for the following lesson. The educators can play the book recording for the kids while accomplishing something else.

4. For kids with perusing challenges, they can gradually take after the readings from book recordings until it feels great to peruse.

Just after a book recording to peruse along while taking a gander at the printed material before them can expand their learning abilities by a high rate.

5. Book recordings spare cash. Rather than purchasing many books for a classroom, only one book recording can be played for every one of the understudies in the classroom.

There are sure book recording rental administrations on the Internet, for example, that permits educators to lease whatever number book recordings as could be expected under the circumstances effortlessly. This is a great deal more financially savvy than buying even a solitary book recording.

6. Book recordings that tell intriguing stories are extremely useful in times when the youngsters have turned out to be excessively drained, making it impossible to peruse and concentrate on.

In particular, well known stories that youngsters affection, will be extremely intriguing for them to listen to.

7. Youngsters don’t especially like printed books as much as they do book recordings. It feels considerably more agreeable for them to “tune in” to a book recording than “read” a book.

8. Book recordings additionally have youngsters manage the elocution of specific words that they would experience issues with when only understanding them. By listening to the elocution and seeing it printed, they would better handle it.

All things considered, most youngsters discover it a lot of fun listening to a lesson on sound, as opposed to reading it. That is the reason kids invest a great deal of energy watching motion pictures, as opposed to perusing.

No big surprise more schools are grasping the innovation of book recordings for showing their youngsters. What’s more, with administrations accessible openly on the Internet now, it is presently more practical than any other time in recent memory.

postheadericon Read Many Books Get an Education

Foolishly, when I was younger I was not a very big fan of books or reading in general. Looking back I would have loved to have gotten into reading more at an early age, but it is never too late to start.

Recently, I have found that reading books on topics that interest me is a better tool for learning than K-12 and college courses.

Why do I think this? Reading has no boundaries and for that reason an individual can take several books and learn as much as they want about different topics. Take myself for example; I want to learn more about Venture Capital – essentially the art of funding startup and early-stage growth companies.

In order to learn more about this topic, I have checked out to see if there are any relatable courses available on websites like Coursera and Udemy (there are courses that are relatable by the way). However, ultimately reading several books on the topic is probably going to be my method of learning this topic in more detail.

I think it is important for individuals to plan what books they want to read over the next 6 months, year, 10 years, etc.

A great website to use that helps readers stay on track and bookmark books that they want to add to a reading list is  I just began using this site and I must say that it already has me exited to start reading a ton of books because now (thanks to this site), I am able to see the big picture of just how many books I want to read, what books are in my list, and how many different topics I am interested in learning about.

I urge people to check this website out (I have no affiliation with them, I just really like the website) and start reading more books about topics that interest you! Currently, I have about 15-20 books that I want to read in my free time. Hopefully all of you have a similar goal in mind, but even more important than the goal in this situation is just getting started. Some of you may have loved reading for years and others may have just gotten started, but that doesn’t matter. Get out there and start reading some more and you would be surprised how much you are learning in no time.

postheadericon Creating Video Education Training For Corporations – Book Review

Maybe, your first occupation was at McDonalds, and they place you into the lounge where they make you watch a corporate video of how to tie the junk sacks in the entryway so they didn’t slip inside the plastic holder, or how to overlap the pack when offering it to the client. You may review a corporate video clarifying how the workers cooking the huge Macs were to “star” the cheddar, which means collapsing the edges down on a square bit of cheddar around the round ground meat roundabout patty.

Indeed, today corporate video preparing and direction is utilized as a part of each organization of all shapes and sizes. It is likewise utilized as a part of each branch of our administration from the military to the USDA ranger service administration. Maybe, you’d like to take in more about corporate video direction and preparing, and if so there’s a book that I’d like to prescribe to you and one that I really own in my library, and one that I utilized as a part of the organization that I franchised to offer me some assistance with creating recordings for our establishment group. The name of the book is;

“Corporate Instructional Video,” by Diane M. Gayeski, Prentice Hall distributers, 1983 and 1991, (288pp), ISBN: 0131732536.

Despite the fact that the advancements of corporate recordings have hyper-dispersed subsequent to 1983 and 1991 with the coming of PCs, YouTube, and all the computerized programming projects, every one of the speculations have remained. The central rule behind corporate video for preparing and direction has not changed. Neither has the way that people learn. Though they have a shorter capacity to focus now and you need to put significantly more representation into the video to hold their consideration, fundamentally visual video preparing is still essentially the same.

Along these lines, I’d like you to go buy this book on the off chance that you are considering making direction recordings in your organization regardless of the fact that you just own a little business. In reality, I think you will see the brightness behind it, and you’ll be one stage closer to delivering what Michael Gerber was discussing in his blockbuster book of mid 90s; “The E-myth.” Please consider this.

postheadericon Student-Led Parent/Teacher Conferences

As the initial 9-weeks finishes, time for guardian/instructor meetings emerges. Having taken an interest in a large portion of these throughout the years I welcome the time and exertion educators set forth to illuminate folks. I have additionally seen gatherings that changed into an assault rather than a guide. In the event that my tyke is not doing great, I surely need to know. Truth be told, I truly needed to know weeks prior when my spouse and I could have mediated to change the stream of assignments toward achievement. Report card time is basically past the point of no return. It additionally irritates me when educators drift on about educating, however my kid is not present to fill in the crevices. On the off chance that he has been insidious and troublesome, I need to know and address it now, not later in a “he said/she said” circumstance. In the event that my tyke is not finishing her work or is coming up short exams, I need to know. Again sooner is far superior however I might likewise want to hear my kid’s form of not comprehension or accomplishing. I’m not proposing agreeing with my tyke but rather I might want to hear his/her appearance.

Numerous educators maintain a strategic distance from understudy drove gatherings for reasons including: excessively occupied; an excess of time; understudies aren’t arranged for something so vital; it’s “my” occupation. I understand with only 15 minutes for the meeting, time is extended, yet understudy drove gatherings can spare valuable minutes particularly when quickly practiced and all around composed in cutting edge. The instructor can unquestionably begin with a review of classwork and objectives and after that the kid presents 3-5 papers and discloses to Mom, Dad, and educator how the work was finished, what believed was put into reactions, what was scholarly, and what lessons and alterations need to come next. This strengths responsibility for onto the understudy and in the meantime soothes the trepidation of being stuck in an unfortunate situation realizing that the gathering is about learning and development not an individual ambush.

In readiness for this understudy drove introduction, recorded are ways the educator and understudy may arrange and get ready for this sort of meeting or, ailing in-school support, how a guardian may talk about understudy work at home. As the instructor, select a few assignments from an assortment of subjects (basic) or from an assortment of ideas and points (auxiliary). It is significant to pick amazing assignments and additionally those that need change so that a more extensive picture of learning can be surveyed. Presently have the understudy sort through the heap, picking 3-5 for examination. Later, after practice, understudies can do a whole self-select procedure. Next the understudy positions the assignments or tests from best to slightest best. More seasoned understudies can then add notes about the task to manage their dialog or practice orally with a trusted companion. More youthful understudies, it appears, are eager to talk sincerely and transparently about their work fundamentally without direction or faltering.

At gathering time the understudy chooses whether to begin with the best work or slightest best and after that portrays the task, the comprehension and information picked up, why the evaluation is as it may be, and what the understudy arrangements to do to enhance and propel capability and abilities. It is a great event to watch a kid serve as pioneer of the learning. The educator and guardian may make inquiries or solicitation more profound clarification however “great job” and “goodness, my!” are not allowed. Clear, exact criticism, for example, “It is fascinating how you tackled the issue utilizing these three stages and afterward skirted the last one [an terrifically vital one that when discarded results in a wrong answer]. It would be ideal if you let me know more about this.” After the youngster illuminates audience members the following reaction may be, “What will you do another way next time?” The right answer demonstrates the tyke now truly fathoms and will apply this information to future work.